Yoga Make Your Skin Glow at Home

Yoga Make Your Skin Glow at Home 

God has blessed each of us with beauty, it's just that with time some of us forget it and lose their natural glow, just like regular exercise keeps your body in good health, a little With meditation your face also retains its attractiveness, there is a wonderful ritual we follow in the Yoga Institute, it is called Kapala Randha, Dhoti is a ritual to remove deep rooted impurities from the body and mind, I Let me explain this Sansavitha Vishwa Kapala about its forehead and entire face, Randra means hole or passage and Dhauti is a cleansing glow. An extraordinary kriya in which the face and head are cleansed internally through external practice. So let us see how to practice this kriya. Make sure that your hands and face are clean before doing this kriya, with your back straight. 

Standing or sitting comfortably, raise both hands and keep your elbows parallel to the floor, place your thumbs above the ends of the eyebrows, use all other fingers to rub your forehead from right to left, while doing so Apply comfortable pressure, now take your index and middle finger and place them near your nose. As a starting point, move the inner eye from the bottom of the eye down towards the temple and rub your index fingers from the front to the back of the ear a couple of times, looking upwards with all your fingers. 

Using this massage your deck with upward strokes but a word of caution if you have skin rashes or dry skin or any other problem then avoid rubbing the skin and go only to the facial area, pressing and releasing By pressing and releasing, in case of very dry skin, you can apply a little moisturizer on your face or apply a facial. Oil before practice Earlier I told you that this external practice keeps cleansing your inner self. Let us examine how this happens. In our fingers there is a concentrated energy of all the five elements of nature called Pancha Mahabhuta, These five Mahabhutas are like Agni Agni. When fingers are used to massage your face through this it is an extremely energizing process, more importantly it helps in getting rid of all the cavities in the scalp. I

t irrigates the lungs and frees them from all the polluting bacteria, viruses and excess mucus, you will feel energetic even once you practice it. And you will agree that it is a natural way to get glowing skin, the second exercise in yoga is called Simhasana for the face, it is a very interesting asana called Simhasana or Leo Pose, it is one of the best One of the facial exercises, the steps of this asana are as follows: Sit in Vajrasana and keep some distance between your knees, place your palms on the floor between your thighs and keep the fingers facing the direction. Lean forward and open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out as far as possible, open your eyes wide, fix your gaze between the eyebrows or on the tip of your nose, breathe normally and hold for a few seconds For stay in this position, sit back in Bhagwat and relax with your eyes closed, Sim Hasan significantly improves the circulation in the face and stimulates the nerves of your face and brings glow to your eyes, apart from the facial.

There are also other exercises, there are many ways to do facial yoga, keep your entire facial muscles flexible, you can simply smile as widely as possible and relax your face with your eyes closed, you can move your tongue with your mouth closed. 

around your teeth, regularly rotate your eyes by moving your eyes in a clockwise direction and then in a counterclockwise direction, do this twice, another exercise is that you hold water completely in your mouth. Fill up and then try to swallow here and there, do it in repetitions, another exercise is to pout and relax your face, do a round of these movements When the face gets some attention like this every day, it Reduces stress and prevents premature aging. and wrinkles, all these invigorating techniques stimulate facial nerves and improve blood circulation in the face, over time providing a natural glow to your face.

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