5 Minutes Morning Routine Stress Free Day

Let's Know About 5 Minutes Morning Routine Stress Free Day.

As soon as we wake up in the morning what should we do that we should never forget you should do and here are some things as soon as you wake up remember God thank God that you are there and have full faith that God is your With why should I be afraid of anything the positive power is the first beginning and how do you feel God by taking one or two deep breaths, inhaling completely, exhaling completely.

ultimately the power of God is all these vibrations and air is through, so I don't call this is me but being aware of our breaths is the second thing we should do 3 4 long breaths exhale it takes 10 seconds third now focus on your stomach because you need to empty What you have to do is release some of your yesterday which is not needed in your life so the toxins from your body should come out and so concentrate on your stomach and do a few moments on your stomach, so inhale and exhale from the stomach, Bring your legs up to your stomach, which we call Pawan MM, joining your legs together in madrasa, just lifting your legs up.

Legs up and to the side because we have to loosen your body all night, it was stiff, so take care of your stomach as well as loosen the muscles of your body, so when people don't do that They have to do this. They get into trouble when planning your day quickly what you have to do and start your day, wash your mouth, brush your teeth, it is not the brushing that we do at night in the morning. When we brush right, it's just a kind of quick mouthwash. Brushing in the morning is like drinking a glass of water. Everyone should remember that the first thing you should do as soon as you leave your bed is to drink a glass of warm water so that your gums. Your throat should relax a bit and rinse itself. Rub the finger to clear the throat, clear your throat, clear the toxins from the throat, flush out your bubbles, this should all happen quickly. , 

All these things do not take time, whatever I have told, you can finish all these things within five minutes as it should be. Go step by step and then you start your.

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