5 Simple Yoga Exercises Transform Your Body with Yoga

Let's Know About 5 Simple Yoga Exercises Transform Your Body with Yoga. 

Working smarter will define how quickly you can achieve things in your life with yoga. Everyone wants to achieve perfect health and a perfect body. Some believe that yoga is a slow and long process, but I am going to tell you how to transform your body in 4 weeks. for that you need to work intelligently the key to a faster transformation is in your spine SP the ancient yogis knew this secret yes, if you work on your spine in certain ways then you can achieve a faster physical transformation the trick is to exercise your spine spine in five different directions every day be it forward, backward, up, twist and invert By exercising your spine in these five directions, you can achieve a drastic change in your body in a short time. 

Today I will give you these five five HANDLES that can exercise your spine in five different ways. direction, however, always remember to listen to your body and only push yourself to a comfortable level. Now let's start first, isran, that is, the cabala posture, orasan stretches and opens the chest and shoulders, which can help relieve tension caused by hunching over devices, computers, etc. Improved posture not only improves physical appearance but also helps you breathe better and improve lung capacity. Remember to practice this Asen regularly to feel more vibrant and even to feel emotionally centered, so understand how to do usasan, sit in Vasan position, toes turned in, upper body should be bent. back, palm of hand should rest behind legs and fingers should be outwards and thumb towards body and now lift your butt while inhaling, throw your head back and stay in that position for some time and come back to the normal position the next. es pimas, this Asen is an excellent forward bend stretch for the entire spine. 

This Asen stretches the entire back of the body, including the spine, hamstrings, calf muscles, and hips. Regular practice of this Asen automatically increases flexibility in all these areas, helping you achieve a greater range of movement of your body, steps, sit and stretch your legs outwards, sit in a relaxed manner, both hands at your sides. sides and now as you breathe, raise your palms and bring them to the sides of your chest and then simultaneously inhale and bend back a little, your shoulder should be. chest expanded expanded now as you exhale stretch outwards Bend forward to try to touch your toe stay in that position come back again you can move forward slowly try to hold your big toe and touch your head to your knees with your elbows on the floor and stay so position for some time this is a complete stretch of the entire spine return to the normal position the third asset is the sangas shoulder stand this is a powerful yoga inversion where the shoulders support the body with the legs extended upwards sangas It involves several muscles including the shoulder core, leg muscles, neck muscles etc. 

In this Asen the body The inverted position is supported by the shoulders and hands, this can generate a good amount of muscle tone throughout the body. Anga sangas actually exercises the whole body to do sangas, you must first lie down with your arms straight at your sides, legs relaxed and straight. Inhale and as you exhale lift both legs up and lift your back up with the support of your arm that is resting on your back. Remain in this upright position for some time. This is a beautiful position. The whole body is up, only the neck and shoulder and head are on the floor in this position, stay for a while, say half a minute, and return to the normal position in the same way. Fourth as is rate number two. This is a powerful standing stretch. Tasa involves raising your arms up and straightening your arms. the entire spine up, helps to stretch the entire spine up laterally, this helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, this gives you healthier skin, better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and improves vitality.

 Now, as you inhale, raise both arms, inhale completely and simultaneously. on the tip of the foot means raising the heels up so that the whole body is on the tips of the feet and the whole body is stretched upwards bringing the arms up above the head remaining in a state of balance in that position and then , while rotating both arms from the back side, lower them along with him, also lower your legs along with him, your breath will also be exhaling, so here, inhalation, hand movements, leg movements, all this should be synchronized, very good posture, try to concentrate well, otherwise you won't be able to. To do this timing will not be there, so do it very gracefully and it can really help the whole body below. Asen is supakan or supine turn. This Asen gives a gentle twist to the entire body, especially spinal twisting postures like supakan can help in detoxification. 

process by gently removing toxins from the digestive organs and promotes better circulation lie down and bend your legs so that the knees point upwards the foot comes closer to the body so in this position relax now as you exhale let both knees go to one. side and your head on the other side so here you are rotating and your hip is also rotating so go to one side and then as you inhale come back go to the other side both knees should go together and your foot too you should go on top of each other so do it on the other side and come back in this same position so do these rounds where the knee is to the right the head is pointing to the left and so on this is a supta Vasan position .

Remember to exercise regularly with the spinal asens I have mentioned. right now it will not only improve your spinal health but will also transform your body in a month. Take the first step today and start transforming your body from now on, take charge of yourself.

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