10 Minutes Yoga for Beginners Daily Routine

10 Minutes Yoga for Beginners Daily Routine

Some people say yes, I have been teaching yoga for many years and I want to assure you that yoga says that yoga has many benefits for the mind as well as the body, today I will show you some yoga asana sequence which is suitable for beginners. Good for people who are healthy Health In this 10 minute sequence we will focus on some easy yoga poses, by the end of these exercises you will feel more relaxed focused and energetic, remember to listen to your body language and apply only as much emphasis as you Pose as much as you feel comfortable, so let's start with the amazing sequence for beginners, so now understand how to do these asanas Talasana 2 Stand straight keeping a distance of one foot between both the legs and hands apart from your body Go, now while inhaling, raise both your hands up and at the same time stand on your toes, pull yourself upwards and hold your breath completely. 

                                            While exhaling for some more time, rotate both your hands from behind and also bring your heels down, in both these activities the movement of hands and legs should be in proper coordination, along with this the breathing should also be in coordination, You should take a full breath in and hold the full breath out. For Konasana, stand straight keeping a distance of three to four feet between your two feet, hands apart from your body, now raise your right hand with the palm side upwards and bring your hand near your ear. And keep your head, arms and entire body bent. With all this you have to stay there for some time while inhaling completely on the left side and then slowly exhale and come back to the original position and repeat the same thing on the other side, this is a very good stretch on your waist. And do as much as you can. 

                                                The third possible option is to stand like a goat, keep a gap of two and a half feet between the two feet, feet parallel to each other, firmly raise both your hands at shoulder level, palm facing downwards. Now turn your entire body to the right while looking at your right fingers. Turn from and move forward Do this while exhaling from the back and then come back to normal position while inhaling, repeat the same on the other side, the fourth person is in yoga posture, sit on the floor in Sukhasana or Padmasana, first while inhaling Hold your left wrist with the back of your right palm. Take the shoulders back and then while exhaling try to relax your shoulders and bend forward in the middle, stay there for a while and then come back, raise both your arms up from the sides and bring both the arms above your head. Get into the Namaste position above, extend your entire body upward and hold. Keep breathing for some time and then while exhaling, turn your palm outwards and rotate it roughly and bring it back to the normal position, now do Bhujangasana, here the person has to lie down on his stomach. Lie down straight and raise your forehead. 

                                                    Both the palms should remain in a straight line downwards on the ground. Keep your chest upwards without spreading the elbows outward along with the body. Now while breathing slowly, first raise your head, then the neck and then the shoulders a little. Lift up, look upward and then exhale and return to your normal position. The second question is that tomorrow Carson you lie down here. While inhaling, lift your back, both hands above the head and also keep your toes outwards so that your whole body is like a stick, the movement of the hands, the movement of the legs and the movement of breathing, all Must synchronize together, neuromuscular coordination Remain there for some time and then stop while slowly exhaling. 

                                                          Relax your whole body, bring your hand from front to normal position, keep both the toes in comfortable position again, now pass the power book, now lie straight on your back, now gently bend your right knee Bend it and move it towards your chest, trying to hold yourself. Hold the shin of the right leg with both arms, while doing all you have to do is exhale, sometimes holding it while inhaling, release your leg, bring it to a stable position, repeat with the other leg. Do the same on the other side and finally when you have done this, then do the same action with both the legs, lift your right leg straight up, try to hold the toe as much as possible otherwise keep the leg raised for some time. 

                                                    Remain in the same position and bring it down while exhaling. While exhaling, lift the left leg up, while exhaling, do the same on the side, take your right leg to the right, try to touch your toe and bring the leg back, in all these movements your legs should be straight. It should happen and now finally sit quietly. In Sukhasana position, both the legs should be crossed with each other, the distance of the knees should be equal from the ground, both the palms should be on your thigh, relax your shoulders, relax your elbows, sit straight and now close your eyes. And try to visualize that you are just noticing your breathing stopping. 

                                                               In this position it is a beautiful meditation technique, sit in this position until you are free from thoughts and remain in a calm state and then open your eyes, so this sequence should be followed for beginners, this sequence will help you Doing these asanas in the morning to connect your body and breath will help you reduce your lethargy and tapas so you will start your day with high energy and positive energy, it will help you to be more mindful and calm in challenging situations. Also helps. Motivate your body by following these routines, practice yoga regularly and stay fit inside and out.

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