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Let's Know About Yoga for a Flat Stomach Weight Loss.

Losing belly fat doesn't just mean looking good, it is also important for your health, we know that excess belly fat causes various health problems, so today we will look at a 10 minute yoga routine, Which will help you reduce stubborn belly fat and improve your general health. 

First of all start with our korasana number three is a triangle pose, here you are standing, you should do all this with us, now keep both the feet at a distance of 2 and A2 feet from each other, both the feet towards each other While inhaling, raise both your arms and spread both. Extend the arms to the sides, now exhale and turn your upper body to the left, go down, look at the tip of the upper finger, hold the same position for 4 seconds, inhale and come up again and go to the other side. Do the same, look down and turn your body to look up, stay in the same position for some time and then come back to the normal way. Now do it again. While doing this you are twisting your body and leaning forward, which automatically provides good circulation to your body. 

The face area, the head area, the thyroid area and it really helps with all the respiratory problems, sinuses and all the other problems, it really improves circulation, your whole hamstring muscles get stretched because you're bending forward. And so there's a stretch in your legs, your hips, your entire spine. are exercising, the circulation of the whole body is perfect, your stamina becomes stronger, it should be done at least twice from Kasana 3, we move from standing to Vaka, a powerful asana that engages your core muscles , So here also keep your feet away from each other and now while inhaling, raise both your hands and while exhaling, turn them to one side, go together as far as possible and then go back as far as possible. To rotate the arm first, both feet should be firmly on the ground, there is no need to turn while breathing. Come back, it gives you a beautiful twist and do it to the other side, it opens up the whole vertebral column, the spine and it really helps release the tension and stress from every nerve in your body and now your body Gives a good exercise. Let's stream in another Essen that is AR Mendas, here You have to sit and stretch both your legs straight in front of you and now try to understand the position of the leg and bend one leg under your thigh, try to bend the other leg.

cross it on the other side and then put the hand on the knee. Move towards the toes and turn your body, now this is a complete asana, come back again and leave in the same position, now you are doing it on the other side, here while you are doing the asana If so, your stomach is getting a good amount of strength. Because of the pressure all your internal organs are being massaged, the whole spine is being twisted, everything from the neck to the lower back is well exercised, the whole arms are well exercised and it is the abdominals. There's a beautiful ass for the fat of, Also lay here for the noa or bot pos. First of all, lie down on your back, keep both the hands straight by the side, now first inhale completely and then while exhaling, lift both your legs and lift your head, remain in the same position for some time and Coming back to the same, NOA are both currencies. 

Do this again and when you do this there is good pressure on your abdominal area, your entire spine is also exercised, all spinal disorders and stomach problems are controlled by this, it is believed that if If the person does this then it will work like a workout. Six seven times this will really help in reducing the belly very fast, so this is noa and it should be done regularly, as you practice, the angle can improve more, so let's do bujangan or cobra. To do the mudra, lie down on your stomach and then place both hands on your stomach. Place your forehead to the side and touch your toes together to the floor. Now bring your heels together, bring your arms to chest level, bend them at the elbows upward and touch the body, now inhale. After this, lift your head, first your chin, then your neck and then your shoulders, stay there for some time and slowly come back to your normal position. What is happening again now here in Bangsa is that your lower spine is getting a compression exercise, your upper abdominal area is getting a good exercise and there is pressure on the abdomen so your energy levels have increased a lot and When energy is high then problems go away so try and do it at least two to three rounds and regularly.

Now lie down on your stomach and do Danur Vakas. Lie down on your stomach, forehead touching the ground. , keep both the hands at the side and now bend both your legs from the knee and then hold your ankles and then try and lift your head up and lift the legs up and bring the whole body into a Lift into large bends, then remain in the same position, then come back to normal position and do an invigorating pranayama called Basta, so here you should sit and sit in any position. Meditation posture preferably Sukhasana or Padma Masana, sit straight, place both hands on your knees, palms facing down, now remain comfortable in this position, relax, take a breath or two, inhale, exhale, inhale and Exhale and now here you have to move your stomach. Now move the stomach in and out and that too with a lot of force, so try and inhale and exhale where you are forcibly exhaling, breathing in is calm, keep doing this as you exhale your stomach goes in , breath comes in, stomach comes up, breath goes out. Goes in, breathes in. 

The stomach comes up. Keep doing this for some time. The stomach should be soft and thus automatically do these movements well. Do not do more than 30 rounds at a time but do it regularly so that That's all you should be able to manage in the beginning. Start with five rounds and then gradually increase, finally end your session with Shas. First lie down, supported by the side, go on your back, your Lie down with your spine straight and then keep both your legs apart. Say about 20 inches away from each other with both arms extended to their sides and two away from each other, say about 10 inches away from your body, palms facing up, both legs resting everywhere and See that you relax, your head should be straight. 

As far as possible in a relaxed state but straight and now here mentally try and observe the whole body, examine every part of your body and ask your body to relax and so try and start with your feet. Do it with your toe, move your toe a little bit and relax as your attention should go to your toe, come to the ankle, move your feet a little and then focus on the ankle and relax your ankle, Come to your calf muscles, relax your calves, relax your ankles and now go to your knees, tighten and relax your knees, tighten and relax. For thighs tighten the muscles of your thighs and relax your muscles and slowly come down to your pelvic area abdomen, basically tighten the anus and relax in Asini Mudra and then the frontal muscles to the vagina or penis Try and see that you tighten it and relax it and then move forward, try and bring your mind to your navel, move your belly up and down a little bit, focus on your navel and then your Go up to the chest muscles, inhale fully, exhale and relax your chest muscles, let your mind go to your heart if you can, and then move forward. 

At your throat area, relax your neck, move forward, tighten your lips and relax, move forward, tighten your lips and relax your eyes, your eyelids should relax and then between your eyebrows. Go in and relax, relax your eyebrows, then relax your forehead. Relax and then go to your head area, come to your arms, try to relax both your fingers as well and move each area of your arm and try to relax that part also so that your whole body Be in a relaxed state and do the same thing. From head to eyes to nose to every part of your body, whatever you feel them, you can feel them and relax every part of your body, again during the entire journey your mind will be busy focusing on every part, so the mind will not get any other thoughts. 

The worldly thoughts have come out, your mind will be telling your body that the body should also relax and the mind is instructing to relax and finally when you go through the whole body your mind should come to your naval area , By this time your entire body is inside. A relaxed position and you will notice that your stomach is moving up and down a little because you are breathing so the stomach is automatically moving up and down, your mind should be focused on this movement of your stomach and remain still, no Thoughts should not come, but if any thought comes then let it go, bring vaga from whatever is happening in the world, bring dispassion and leave everything and relax, look at the object of your body objectively That this is my body here is my leg, my hands are here, my stomach is here, the body is separate, the mind is separate, so your mind is passing through the body and giving instructions and then the body also relaxes. 

so like this Reign should be mastered from, It looks very simple, but mastering this relaxation requires practice You should stay in Reign position for at least 10 minutes, he says that means pushing Leave the dead body away from the world for 10 minutes and then take a deep breath, bring both your legs together, bring both hands near you and then slowly turn to the side, taking support. of your hand and slowly get up and come back to the sitting position, this way we have completed some asanas that are really effective in reducing belly fat, it is important to remember that yoga is much more than just a workout. Yes, it is a holistic practice that can give you overall benefits. 

weight loss is a side effect of the practice because yoga is not just about changing your body, it is about changing your entire life, so the practice Keep doing it, commit to just 10 minutes a day and gradually embrace the benefits of yoga. your mind and body


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