Lose Your Belly Fat 10 Minute Yoga for a Flat Stomach

Let's Know About Lose Your Belly Fat 10 Minute Yoga for a Flat Stomach.

Today we are going to look at a very practical 10 minute yoga asana session, this sequence is specially designed to help you get rid of unnecessary fat around your stomach, whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner, These asanas will help in keeping your stomach comfortably and fit

Your Home Our first asana is Talasana 2. Let's look at Stan. This is a standing posture, both legs parallel to each other, one foot apart, hands by the side, now inhaling completely, raise both your arms in front above the head, completely in your Come on toe. There is a stretch in the body, now you can see that while exhaling, move your arms from behind, rotate it and bring down your hands and toes while inhaling together. This is a beautiful urovascular coordination posture, where you can see how circulation flows from the toes to the entire body. 

Head, arms, everything, perfect circulation, very good posture to improve the vital capacity of your lungs, good oxygenation, here all the muscles of the lungs are exercised, in any case very good posture for the abdominal and pelvic area , strengthening asana for the calf muscles, thighs and everything, so it is a complete asana in itself is a whole question where the whole body gets exercised, immunity goes, since the oxygen is better, your immunity is really good. , every part of your body gets good nutrition, now next will be Utkatasana, here the distance can be parallel to one foot. Here raise both your hands straight towards each other at shoulder level and then exhale and sit down. While you are raising your hands up you are also going on your toes. Now here the back is straight and the stomach is engaged. is definitely getting exercise so try and stay in this position. 

Stay still for some time, then while inhaling, lift your body up, keep the back straight, it is a very good exercise for the stomach and while exhaling, bring both your arms and legs down, so this is Utkatasana, the entire focus is on the stomach and Basically on the abdomen, good circulation, good toning of the core. muscles and good neuromuscular coordination to see that the mind learns to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time, it improves concentration, it improves memory, so everyone should do it, now we will do Chakrasana here , both legs by two and a half Keep three feet away. Now raise your arms in front parallel to each other and bend as far back as possible from the waist up and then immediately come forward Bend forward Bend forward Bend forward Hands Head All together your arms Rotate at the shoulders and hold them and bring them as close to your head as possible. The head moves inward. Now separate both your arms and then rotate them from behind and bring them to the level of the head. Head, hands, body as one. Lift up together and bring the arms from the side, so understand that this is a posture which includes all the things of yoga, where you are giving exercise to the whole body, you are leaning forward, so there is no need to bow the head. 

The posture is good, here you are rotating your arms. The way that your shoulder muscles, your neck muscles are engaged, is a very strengthening exercise for your abdominal core muscles because bending forward versus bending backward really helps to tone the core muscles, the abdominals. 

Excess fat will be removed and this exercise should be done two or three times. Now we will sit together in meditation posture for the next asana and that is Parvatasana, so here in Parvatasana, sit either in Sukhasana or in Padmasana, first rest both the hands on the armpits, while breathing, raise both your arms from the armpits. Lift them up and join them together in the posture of Namaste. Pull your entire body upwards into the position, you will again see that the entire spine is pulled upwards, the abdominal muscles are well drawn, there is a good effect on the abdominal area and basically the navel area. and abdominal area. Hold that position for six seconds, swinging your arms from side to side and back again. In the basic position this is a very simple asana but it has a lot of benefits. 

You can also do it sitting on a chair but do it two to three times a day which will really help in toning your abdominal waist and abdominal area in Parvatasana. The fat is definitely reduced in it, care is also taken to remove the excess fat around your waist, so now we go to the next hunter and that is Garuda, so here you have to stand in Garudasana again, To feel balance, you will have to stand both hands straight from the side and then lift one of your hands. Lift the leg up and fold it around the other leg also on the arm and in this asana your arms and legs are completely folded with each other and you Upward pulls Remain still for some time and release it A really good balance is required to perform this asana, my attention should be completely focused and the body should also be quite flexible , usually people can't do it, they lean on something and just practice with the legs and then separately practice with only the arms and then together or lie down and bend their legs and ends. 

Try and slowly with practice try to stay there, you will be able to do this but it has a lot of benefits as you can see good circulation throughout the body, very strengthening exercise for the abs and eyes and waist heavy hips are also taken care of, here they will be doing less and similarly our next asana is not a castle or Navasana, here you have to lie down so sit and lie down, go from side to side, take support and lie down slowly, no hurry, no No shock, now you have to get in shape here. Now all you have to do is lift your head and legs together, stay there in the same position and give the boat shape, yes come back very well verified that the entire core muscle is used tightly here. Is. There is no room for fat in that area, it is a very strong exercise and to reduce abdominal waste this is the asana that everyone should do as much as possible, so here try it again. Do this: Breathe in and lift your head and legs together while exhaling. 

Stay in that position for some time and come back slowly, you can see that the body is also not stable sometimes, it shakes so you can lift a little less from either side, try again, raise your head. Raise your legs a little and just remain in this position. A boat pose but you will definitely get a good amount of exercise Come back here You have to lie down on your stomach so you are bending both arms to the side Bring the toes together Warm up The forehead is touching the ground And now your Lift the head up only the head upwards then neck then shoulders and abdomen only till the navel, stay in this position, look up, you can see the tip of your nose, concentrate here and exhale come back to normal position. Go, here your stomach is strongly toned, here to improve digestion, flatulence, acidity. The whole body is taken care of and that is why it benefits from it, which is known for its strength and so here you definitely get very good energy levels energy upliftment and mood upliftment and this is the asana which is now Makarasana or crocodile pose can be done in this position. When there is crocodile on the ground it lies straight and forgets everything around and this is what we have to do, adopt this asana, just relax, this asana. 

The entire body should be flat on the ground, the mind should be completely relaxed, diversify the mind, be completely detached from the world. And just keep your body weight on the ground, this is beautiful asana to handle stomach weakness, weak digestion, flatulence, acidity, migraine, headache and all the problems related to digestion and circulation. This is the posture in which a person should lie down before eating food and the person's digestion will definitely get better. There will be improvement and gases will not bother so relax in this posture and this should be done after all the acid is gone, even then you can relax so that you come back to your normal breathing rhythm then now rise again slowly. And go to the side take support of your hand and slowly rise and sit in Sukhasana position, so these are all the essences that we have given you in sequence which will help you in developing strength, stamina and well toned core muscles. We do. 

Yoga isn't just abstinence, it actually helps you bring yourself together. More fiddle, more energy level, it helps you to stay steadily focused to do all other tasks in life properly, so try it and reap the benefits.

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