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Let's know about The Best Morning Routing Fitness & Health.

I know a guy who exercises regularly, goes for walks regularly, his body is quite fit and fine, but one day he wakes up, he's in a hurry, he goes and splashes water on his face. Sprinkles and suddenly he gets a hold in his back and then he can't even control himself and falls down. People have to lift him and bring him to bed and he has to take complete rest for 15 days

What is going wrong? Understand that when we leave our body the first thing we have to lose is in our body. On the bed I will tell you how fit you will feel, you will want to start your day with a vigorous enthusiasm, which is possible only when you Just spend five minutes in bed doing some stretching because we lie down for five, six, seven hours at night. Our muscles are very tight and everything is stiff, the body is also sluggish, the mind is also not alert and here we want to do our daily routine, there are a lot of benefits of these types of stretches, it really helps in getting the right circulation throughout your body. Helps in doing, it increases your energy levels. Sometimes it takes away the stress and tension that arises from studying more, sometimes lack of sleep and all that and so it helps your system to be really great, these kinds of moments improve the flexibility of your joints. 


Help in increasing the, should prevent joint pain later on. And do you know that your brain will function better, spend five minutes here on your bed and your brain will function a lot better, these are very simple stretches that I want you to do every morning, first thing here The stretch is where you are lying down and stretching your whole body which is called Justika so the second asana Supa The Vok Crossan Bend your legs and take both your knees to the left and turn your head to the right The third exercise Pavana Mutasa where you are lifting your leg up. Exhale slightly as you bring your knees to your chest, then bring both your legs together, called S Buttress and do some simple breathing exercises, first. Kapalbhati is where you inhale and exhale rapidly, 30 rounds Taking a second intercostal breath, move your lungs outward. 

Exhale Come into third, lift your chest up using your clavicular Inhale Exhale Bring it down Now you are fit When the RH moves the toes and knees forward and they all also become very stiff so an exercise very good And that is lift your leg straight up 30 a few degrees off the ground and then straighten your toes and grab your toes, rotate your toes well from side to side, now that you When leaving the bed, don't have a cup of coffee or tea and sit down with a newspaper, the first thing you should do is have a drink.

The glass of hot water shakes a bit and you will feel the push from inside rinse your mouth, wash your face and then start working, start your day with good imagination with positivity and grateful to God. Be grateful that you have seen today which is much brighter, much better, very positive, make a resolution that when you wake up tomorrow morning you will definitely do this and start your day with great enthusiasm and excitement.

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