Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin

Let's Know About Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin.

When we talk about skin glow it is important that we take more care of internal nutrition and less of what we apply externally so that you can have healthy glowing skin when we talk about skin glow. So it is important that we take care more of the internal nutrition and less of what we put in externally, if we look at the markets nowadays there are a lot of things that are there. 

There are a lot of products available that claim that your skin will get better after using them, we see there is Vitamin C, there is Vitamin E, there is Vitamin A, there is retinol, then there is hyaluronic acid, there is niacinamide, this chemical Exfoliants are emollients sunscreens, the market is full of them. There are a lot of products but it is important that we understand that what we put on is less and what we eat is more digested and eliminated and for that reason a simple example is when you have active acne. You run to the dermatologist, what's the first question? You will be asked whether you are constipated or not, the reason why you are being asked is because the health of your gut is a direct reflection of your skin and your skin is a direct reflection of the health of your gut. 

Gut health, when you feel hungry at regular intervals, when you have good appetite, you eat a balanced diet, you do not have any problems like acidity, gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion, diarrhea and when you eat food every morning. Passes stool without defecation. Any stimulants, all of these things are indicative of good gut health and if you have all of these you're more likely to have healthy glowing skin, so that was tip number one for good gut health, optimal gut health tip number two. Is going to happen. By taking 1- 4 teaspoons of Malti and 2 to 3 pinches of cinnamon with warm water once a day, this special combination of herbs works great in improving the glow of the skin and when it comes to taking care of skin health. If yes then it helps very well. 

It happens that both of these herbs are called vernier in nature, is there one or the other that can improve the quality of your skin and taking these combinations works wonders when it comes to skin care. Works but if one is suffering from high porosity bleeding disorder in case of file or nose bleeding, these two combinations should be avoided, it is not something for those type of people. Tip number three is to take care of your skin. Being because once you learn to take care of your skin your skin learns to give you that glow, how do you take care of your skin, you wash your face with a gentle cleanser, what is my personal favorite My personal favorite combination of gentle cleanser is the powder combination of ground flour, neem, neem powder, rose petal powder.


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A little malti and a little orange peel of powder, this combination can be mixed together and stored in a container, you can use it, take a little coin-sized amount of this powder, activate it with a little water, a Make a paste and wash your clothes. Cleanse the face with this special powder, it works amazingly in cleansing your face and also improves the health of your skin. Tip number four is Face Up Hunger, how do you do Face Up Hunger, there are a lot of them in the market. There are all the oils available, be it oil or simple sesame oil or a mixture of few drops of ghee with clear aloe vera gel when applied on the face and massaged, it works wonders in improving your skin complexion. Helps, as well as improve the health of your skin, it helps in improving blood circulation and also helps in lymphatic drainage. The special therapy is called Face Up Hunger, it works wonders in giving glow to the skin, tip number five, which is my absolute favourite, indulging in bio purification therapy, why is it important nowadays we see that There is too much exposure to the sun, there is too much risk of contaminants being added to foods, seasonal changes and a lot of digestive troubles.

What generally happens with biopurification is, we remove all the toxins present inside our body and this biopurification is not khichdi diet or liquid diet or juice cleanse. Part of Pancha Karma, it is a part of Ayurveda which deals with legitimate and scientific bio purification which should be guided and done under the guidance of a physician, so in this process we remove all the toxins or all the imbalance doshas present in the body. Let's remove it. And this special biopurification therapy helps amazingly in getting glowing skin, so these are the five tips with which you can manage or get a nice glowing skin not just for few years but for your whole life And then the glow that you have with all these practices or Ayurveda is something that will not go unnoticed, so I hope this helps.

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