Tips For You Treating Respiratory Allergies

Let's Know About  Tips For You Treating Respiratory Allergies.

Treatment of respiratory allergies. Respiratory allergies mainly affect the respiratory system which is seen in two forms, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. Allergic rhinitis is limited to the nose and throat and allergic asthma is limited to blockage in the lower respiratory tract such as the lungs and airways. Globally, allergic rhinitis has increased by about 20 percent and allergic asthma cases have increased by 3 to 12 percent. 

The major factors for manifestation of allergies are dust, pollen, particle pollution etc. and if these allergies are not treated they end up with blockage of airways and other painful conditions. The traditional approach to these respiratory allergies is anti-allergens, inhalers, and steroids when needed in acute situations. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are itching in the nose, throat, mouth, eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, dark circles around the eyes. Heaviness, tightness and congestion in the chest related to allergic asthma, cough that increases especially at night. According to Ayurveda, if we talk about the treatment aspect of respiratory allergies, as soon as the patient reaches the clinic, first of all we should understand the condition of the patient. 

If the patient is in acute stage with severe symptoms then we recommend palliative therapy which is oral medication to reduce the symptoms. Once the acute phase is over or the intensity of the symptoms subsides and the patient becomes symptom-free, we adopt a different protocol. Here the patient will have to undergo three stages of treatment. One is purification therapy, second is shaman therapy and third is chemotherapy. Shodhana therapy is the administration of Panchakarma treatment to eliminate allergens or toxins from the body's basic level. This will help the patient completely eliminate the allergy from the root level and provide long term relief. 

The Panchakarma treatments given here depend on the type of dosha and the condition of the patient. We can either do a single treatment or a combination of Panchakarma treatments. The common treatments adopted in this condition are Virechana Chikitsa, Nasya Chikitsa and Vamana, in some situations where the condition demands that particular one. Vomiting is emetic therapy, virechana is virechana therapy and nasya karma is arhin therapy. So based on these three methods purification therapy will be given either in case of allergic rhinitis or in case of allergic asthma. Once the patient is given shodhana therapy, shamana therapy is then performed for the remaining symptoms with the help of herbal mineral preparations like Rasaushadhi or herbal preparations like Kastaushadhi. 

After palliation therapy the patient will be subjected to immunomodulatory therapy because these allergic manifestations will suppress the immunity due to their recurrent manifestations, so to improve it we conduct chemotherapy and here special chemotherapy will be adapted which will rejuvenate. There is treatment. Rasayana medicines will be given for that particular system which will give long lasting and sustained results.

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