How to Manage Diabetes with Yoga?

Let's Know About How to Manage Diabetes with Yoga?

Today we are talking about diabetes. Diabetes is a degenerative disease. It is going to affect the entire system. Due to diabetes, every part of our body is affected. There are two types of diabetes, one is when you are born with that teenager and you Can't do anything other than that your body has supply of insulin so every time insulin shots are given or it is only management, other type of diabetes is called stress diabetes.

it is diabetes which occurs in 30, 40, 50 And similar comes after age, where our lifestyle is much more responsible, we somehow live a life which is more stressful, we sit for a long time and do a lot of wrong things, alcohol, smoking. etc. and the whole body gets damaged, which leads to diabetes, so let us understand what we should do regularly for prevention and management. The first thing in diabetes is to take a walk, we believe a lot, Yogi always says that a person should take a walk, 45 minutes walk in the morning and half an hour walk in the evening is necessary, this helps the person to stay at home instead of sitting for a long time or in the office. But will still be healthy. 

Sitting for long periods of time is often everyone's move just a little bit, not stay in one position, this will also help heart patients and diabetics do other arm and leg exercises, where you Extremities need some circulation, so sit with your legs elevated whenever possible. Cross legs, which will also help on the chair, put one leg up, put the other leg up and see that your limbs are flexible, but there is a posture called Utkatasana in yoga, so here keep your legs a little away from each other , keep a distance of one foot parallel, while inhaling, raise both your arms together, lift your toes so that your heels remain above, while exhaling, slowly sit down and sit completely so that your heels remain above. , you are on only two feet so that your entire body is at attention, then inhale and come back up again. On your toes and exhale come back to your normal position, well the heels are also on the ground, so this is Utkatasana, inhale again, lift your toes, exhale and sit down, four Hold for a second, while inhaling come back to your normal position and while exhaling come back to yourself. In a day, keep the feet stable on the ground, sit whenever possible, squat and get up should also be a habit of diabetic patients, the second asana we will do Chakrasana, here the feet will remain one foot away from each other, while breathing. 

Raise your arms and lean back. While exhaling, come back, come forward and try to touch both your palms on the ground or stay in this position as much as possible, let the head go in as far as possible and while inhaling come back to the straight position, Swing your arms and come. Exhale and come back to normal position, do this again. Inhale, raise your arms up and back, your spine is bending backward, exhale you are bending forward, exhale and hold it there. Hold on, good circulation to the face, neck, back, everything is supportive, healthy, come back and get back to normal. Now we will sit on the floor, spread the legs, bend one leg forward, bend the other leg forward, as shown we are doing Matsendrasana and try and take the knee from the side and bring it to our knees. Fix and twist your body backwards, you have to see how the model is performing and do this, this twisting really helps to open up all the nerves that are pinched otherwise in between the vertebrae Return to the double position, change the position of your leg to go to the other side, so bend your leg again, fold the other leg over it, rotate the arm. 

Try to grab your toe from behind and turn so that you are looking back, hold there while applying pressure, with practice slowly come back to normal position, you will be able to do this, now we will do what is called pastry Called Mothanasana, here you have to stretch yourself. Sitting with the legs straight puts some pressure on the abdominal area, abdominal pressure is very necessary for diabetic patients, now twisting the abdominal pressure is also necessary to put pressure on the stomach, so while breathing, turn your hands in the opposite direction to your chest, While exhaling, stretch your arms straight, bend forward, hold your big toe, touch your head to your knee, pause for a while and if you feel that the position is correct, come back to the normal position. 

Rowing pose is very difficult to do at first, So while inhaling, bring your arms close to your chest, exhale, bend forward, try to touch your toes, again inhale and come back and while exhaling spread your legs, this way you Keep doing this until you finally feel comfortable with your grip. Touch your toe and your knee to the ground, so try to do this slowly and it will be beneficial as it gives a full body workout. Now lie down, try and lift one leg up while exhaling. Lift up and exhale, bending your knees towards your stomach. You're holding the hand, you're pressing your knee so that your foot is actually putting pressure on your abdomen, it's a slight abdominal pressure, inhale, straighten your arm and come back, try to do it to the left. , lift and bend the left leg, exhale and hold it for a while. While inhaling, spread your legs, while exhaling, come down, now you can do the same thing with both the legs, so while exhaling, lift and fold the clap and while inhaling, straighten your legs and come down. , hence it is called Pawan Muktasana and it should be done after three. 

Do it on empty stomach during your meal hours or I will say it like this do it before your meal and then have your meal. Now we should know how to relax your stomach and for this there is a simple pranayam which can be used by every human being. Should do. You should master this where you are lying down, your legs are bent, you are completely relaxed, when your legs are bent, your spine is completely relaxed, one of your hands Lay on your stomach and now focus on your breathing while inhaling, lift your stomach up while inhaling, while bringing down. This moves it downwards, while inhaling the stomach moves slightly upward, while exhaling the stomach moves inward, while inhaling it moves upward, while exhaling it moves inward, for some time Keep doing this, you don't need to push your stomach up too much, do it naturally, exhale, let it go inwards and when you relax your stomach actually goes down. This will help to relax the abdominal air space and generally relax the whole body, your nervous system and it will work very well, let's now sit and do a pranayama, called Bhastrika Pranayama, in any meditation posture. 

Sit either in Sukhasana or Padmasana. That pose now focuses on the movement of the stomach as well as your breath, so the rule is very clear that when you inhale the stomach goes up, when you exhale the stomach goes in, so Do this with a little force, the sound should come out of your nostrils with force. You are inhaling and exhaling and simultaneously as if the stomach is going up and down, so do this Pastry Pranayama, inhale, exhale, stomach in, exhale, inhale, exhale, In this way you should take 30 rounds of this breath and once again. 30 rounds are completed, take a long breath, fill your chest completely and hold your breath and now exhale and relax, do not do more than 30 rounds at a time, so now take a little rest and again Do it, pestrika inhale, exhale, inhale, inhale. 

Exhale 30 rounds with friction on the nasal passage and then inhale completely, hold your breath and then relax, all this together works well, eventually works wonders in diabetes, one has to understand that diabetics People are very perfectionistic, so they should try to do their work perfectly, it is not so. Have a problem with it, but don't get upset when others don't do it perfectly, don't get upset about it because that mess causes complete chaos in the system, so learn to accept people as they are. They are who they are, love them as they are, appreciate them. Be happy.

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