Depression, Stress & Mental Health Awareness

 Let's know about Depression, Stress & Mental Health Awareness

We will know in detail what is mental health, what is mental illness, which is also called bed mental health, what are its symptoms and science, how many types of mental illness are there, why does it happen to us? Why should we correct it as soon as possible and how can we maintain our mental health life time so that we can live a better life? Along with this, if you want to know anything related to mental psychology, mental health and mental illness, then first of all let us know what is mental health. 

Basically man, help involves our emotional, psychological and social condition which directly impacts our ability to think, think and do next and it also helps us in handling stress and managing relationships with others. And delay helps us in taking 24 in life whether you are from childhood to exit or old age it is very important for all the status which is good and worthy of us but if we are in any match or stage of our life thank you no problem Depression Anxiety Exif and Research Hopeless If you have suicidal thoughts, then it can be a mental illness. Yes, if you keep thinking the same particular thought for a long time or feel any one emotion for more than two weeks, 3 months, six months or more. Poem is done normally for years and it can be a mental illness and we should cure it as soon as possible because it can trouble us throughout life, can change us completely, can make our emotional connection from bad to worse. Our relationships can be tried, it also affects the quality of thinking, understanding and speaking. 

It has been revealed that 90% of suicides worldwide are due to maintenance, so physical help is as important for us as it is human help. Poison is also more important and according to neurologists and psychologists, these are some of the metro treatment types of autism, depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, skin, only Alzheimer's disease, a compulsive disorder and attention deficit personality. Listen, it is found in patients of this type and they do this but Major depressive disorder is the most common and is found in depression and is associated with the use of smart phones and social media. In most of the cases, one percent out of five is seen in today's time, in which only more thank you thank you behavior was done. Negative thinking, suicidal thoughts can be seen in chapters. 

The second one is emotional symptoms. This includes feeling defeated. Understanding the word, giving self-confidence, having no interest or interest in any thing or work, getting very angry, always being sad, feeling anxiety and low energy. I am checking and the third is social condition, always liking to be alone, bad environment and company. Being quick at reacting to people's words and giving trust and interest to people, if any of these symptoms are seen in a person for a long time, for months and years, then there are mostly chances that the person is suffering from mental illness, but If the symptoms last for some time and then go away then it is normal because we are human beings and sometimes it is normal to feel this difference, but due to what reasons can we become victims of mental illness? There are many reasons that can come into play, our biological sciences such as our genes and green chemistry, life experience, accidents in childhood, love you sir, your family's mental health history, head and ranger health problems or any bad habits, superintending doctors and experts, mental illness. 

To simplify the problem, we always use this classification. In level one, mostly mentally depressed people cure themselves in some time with the help of that knowledge and efforts. In level two, we have our own efforts and the support of family, friends and partner. Level three is the major level in which we need our close people and doctors, but if we take help from doctors in level one itself, then it will be better for us because it is more important for most of us. We do not have proper knowledge about it, but if we feel that we are at the level here and want to keep our health good throughout our life, then we can do something by sitting and making changes in our lifestyle. You can start your day like this. Give yourself at least 1 to 2 hours in the morning. This time is also called erasure. In this time, include habits like physical exercise, positive breathing and meditation. Handle this triangle. Learn to do this Stay away from any kind of bad habits or superintelligence Never consider yourself and your worth less than anyone else Phone stops and thanking Have good relations with people Understand that everyone is different and everyone No one will like you. Doubting yourself, having low confidence or thinking that you are robbed, all these are lies that your mind tells you, so learn to handle such thoughts.

 Eat healthy diet every day. If anything is troubling you then You can share with others, instead of short term thinking, think long term, use phone and social media as little as possible, your body needs this calling, it is not good to give it every day, also if you want to take some book. If you want then you can read this book The Power of Not Worrying and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Happiness For You Are Not The Power of Mind That Riva Your Friend Sprained Vairagya Ko Patient Man Searching for Meaning in Panic Attacks Emotional Intelligence and You can read any meditation other than these or as per your convenience and it ends with this.

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