We All Have Mental Health

Let's Know about We All Have Mental Health

You can't explain how someone feels by looking at them or what they share with the outside world online, our lives can seem perfect, even if it really isn't Music I'm always about performing well I'm worried about school and end of year exams coming up, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to cope, a barrage of thoughts swirling around in my head, sometimes keeping me up all night, Sometimes it all becomes too much and I feel like I'm lost in space. 

When performed poorly in one of my tests  kept it together until I reached home, then I burst into tears in front of my mother, she listened for a while and then she told me that just like physical health, we all have mental health. There is also health. Our emotions, our thinking, our emotions and our mood, he then said that feeling angry and stressed is a normal part of life, just like it is normal to feel happy, confident and carefree, sometimes we all have positive and There are negative emotions that come and go depending on what is happening. These are everyday emotions around us, good mental health doesn't mean experiencing negative emotions, it's not about being happy all the time, mum can relate to the feelings of stress, so when mum suggested I think about everything I really took his advice to take a break from and do something  enjoyed so I did that. 

I was hiding in the quilt with a hot chocolate and I watched a movie and you know how much better I felt after that, mom should take her own advice, most of us only share good things and we really Don't like to share how you feel Music Every morning when I wake up negative thoughts come into my mind, getting out of bed and pretending I'm okay takes all my energy , As the day goes by, negative thoughts turn from a stream to a river, water starts flowing faster inside my head. The head screams so loudly that it becomes difficult to concentrate in the lesson. And some days it's so bad that it feels like there's a waterfall trying to pull me over the edge, everything is so overwhelming that I didn't think if I told my friends how depressed I felt. If I am doing it then they will understand. But when Sasha opened up to me about how stressed she was feeling, I told her I didn't know how to explain how I felt, so I started by saying I didn't feel like myself. Just listening to her made me feel like she understood [music] She told me some things that had helped her.

so I tried them too, but it didn't make much of a difference, even when I I felt lonely when I tried to be around my friends, the things I used to enjoy weren't fun anymore and I was really worried about Andre and. Wasn't sure what to do, he was quiet and not hanging out with us like before, so I asked our year head for some advice, he suggested I talk to Andre as his negative feelings weren't going away, That's why  didn't do it. 'I didn't want to talk past a year, but I also didn't want to feel so depressed so left,' he said Sometimes we have extreme emotions that can be more intense than our everyday emotions , these feelings last for a long time and change the way we think and behave, they can stop us from doing what we want to do in life, I was going through the same situation, he also That said if we are physically unwell we tell people we seek help, it should be no different from mental health Sometimes our extreme emotions are triggered by things in our lives, sometimes They happen for no reason, after hearing this I felt less lonely and felt better talking, scientists have found that exercise can help when you're feeling depressed, so go ahead The year I started at school Encouraged to sign up to the football club that Sasha was already at, I still have days when River is there, but now I'm starting to understand my mental health, I'm learning how to cope. My friends, family teachers and many other people at school are there to help just like them, I had no idea that people around me could be so understanding. 

And while I'm the person I am, it's not always easy to talk about my mental health. If you don't feel like talking, talking can help, that's okay, you can try sports, reading, art, You can try music, playing with your pet, whatever makes you feel better, writing. If you are the person someone talks to when they are struggling then just listen without any pressure or judgment. You don't have to have answers. If you feel unsure about anything you can talk to a trusted adult. Talking about mental health doesn't have to be difficult, after all it's something we all deal with is near.

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