Daily Routine as per ayurveda

Let's know about's Daily Routine as per ayurveda

                                       What should be the daily routine of a human being which makes us healthy and protects us from various diseases is explained in technical detail in Ayurveda. Everything in Ayurveda is related to the basic elements and it is based on the tridoshas called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. How far we have come from the routines suggested by our ancestors. Welcome to the Indian Treasury of Knowledge. Here, we inspect and analyze ancient Indian stories and texts, the symbols mentioned in them, and old Indian customs. 

                                         So let's move ahead to the rituals section and find out why we do them. So friends our ancestors were following a special daily routine in ancient times and they were following it religiously just like religion every day in their life. Now you will ask that Every civilization or culture has a routine to follow for discipline. What's new in it? But have you ever wondered why all our ancestors agreed to this? daily routine and mentioned it specifically in Ayurveda? The reason behind it is our human body and its nature as we have told in our previous video Our Body The Gunas govern the Panchamahabhoota and all beings on this Earth and the entire Earth is self-governing and exists, hence the Earth as a whole is what it is. We are affected by the Sun and the Moon in the same way. We humans are a part of this Earth and the planetary system. Our body and entire physiology is affected by Sun and Moon and it is clear that the Tridosha are different. The ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in our body is also affected by them in different time zones, especially during day time and it is different at night. If it is different, then friends, let's quickly see how our daily life should be. Without wasting any time, daily routine according to Ayurveda. Let us start with the ritual of waking up in the morning. So according to Ayurveda, the right time to wake up is the last phase of darkness. In other words. Brahma Muhurta i.e. around 4 to 5:30 in the morning. Now, most of you would be aware of this time frame. But, do you know why we should wake up in this time frame? Because at this time the Kapha component in our body reduces and Vata. The component becomes active. 

                                                    This means that our mind and body become ready to move, according to the property of Vatta. Therefore we should wake up at this time. Ayurveda has indicated this time as ideal for meditation and yoga practice. Brahma Muhurta It is also called the time of assimilation of knowledge. If you are sleeping in this time frame then you must have noticed that the dreams that come in this time frame are remembered the most. This is due to the activation of Vata component. One should wake up and become clear.'In the very first moment our bowls then we should wash our face and eyes with water and then clean our mouth thoroughly.Then we should do exercise.Now friends, how much time should we do and should we do exercise or yoga? At what intensity? The answer to this question depends on our body type. If a person's body is of Kapha nature then he should do heavy exercise for a long time, if a person's body is of Pitta type then he should do it moderately for a moderate period of time. Exercise with intensity. And if Vata is the body type then he has Exercising at low intensity for short periods of timeRegarding exercise, Ayurveda tells us that we should not stop exercising until we start sweating in our armpits. Because this point indicates that there is sufficient amount of heat in the body. has arisen and all the organs and parts of the body are now fully active. After about half an hour we should take bath or do exercise or yoga. Now the question comes whether cold water or warm water should be taken while bathing, hence the choice of friends. It also depends on the body type. Kapha type of person likes to take bath with hot water. Pitta type of person prefers cold, hot or cold water. And Vata type of body likes to take bath with hot or hot water. Generally, water Temperature is our choice and also depends on the external weather. 

                                    Ayurveda recommends it for our healthy body. We should wash our head with cold water or at least room temperature water because hot water is not good for hair. It also has a bad effect on our eyes and heart.It also has a bad effect on our eyes and heart.We can wash the rest of the body with hot water but it is not advisable to bathe with hot water but with hot water. It is not advisable to take bath. It is suggested to meditate after bath. Just as the body needs exercise, similarly our brain also needs exercise and meditation strengthens our intelligence. We can also do this meditation through rituals like Performing puja or prayingWe have made a video on how idol worship is doneScientifically related to first meditationYou will find the link in the buttonAny person can do puja by lighting a lamp or a candle in front of him/her by turning its light to the center point. By turning to the point. This mental exercise helps us focus on the activities that lie ahead in the rest of our day, removing discomfort from reflection and helps us feel mentally strong and ready for the day. Now why do we mediate on an empty stomach? ? This happens because the digestive system becomes active as soon as food is eaten and blood is supplied. It becomes busy in the process of digestion, which then does not do full justice to the meditation of the brain. 

                                                Therefore, meditation should always be done on an empty stomach and then have breakfast. And breakfast should be taken only after the sun rises. The reason for this is that as soon as the sun rises in the sky, the Agni element activity of our body becomes active. You must have noticed that if you wake up before sunrise, you must have noticed that if If you wake up before sunrise then you do not feel hungry, any healthy person often feels hungry only after an hour or two of sunrise as metabolic activities of the body start in this time frame. And the rest of the organs get ready to eat the food. The functions get ready to eat the food. Unlike the western culture, Ayurveda advises us to eat light food at breakfast time. Which can be easily digested. This happens because The digestive system of the body has deteriorated, remain in a relaxed posture throughout the night. Heavy breakfast can have a bad effect on digestion. Half an hour after breakfast we can start our work. And can continue working till 12:30-1 pm. According to Ayurveda, the right time for lunch is 1 pm because at this time the sun is at its peak and intense. And the daily food is digested well by our body and it gives highest energy to the body. Therefore we should eat this food in the largest quantity in relation to the whole day. Volume in relation to the whole day. Now let's talk about sleeping in the afternoon. There are many places in India where all the shops remain closed in the afternoon and people go home to sleep. But in Ayurveda there is no special encouragement for sleeping in the afternoon. It is said that in summer when the temperature is very high, one can take some rest to save energy. Still, if you want to sleep normally, then a person with Kapha type can sleep in the afternoon. Should not rest. Pitta type people can rest for about 20 minutes and Vata type people can sleep a little longer since they sleep less at night anyway. 


                                            Normal working life can continue till evening. Normal working life can continue till evening. Ayurveda emphasizes evening recreational activity. Ayurveda emphasizes evening recreational activity. It is recommended that every human being should develop at least one hobby in life that is different from your daily work or work as an evening entertainment. Be it any sport, painting, music or any activity done with the family. It is also said in Ayurveda that it is better to do this activity with your relatives and family. It is also said in Ayurveda that it is better to do this activity with your relatives and family. Because our human body needs the feeling of human contact Because our human body needs the feeling of human contact which is fulfilled by living with family or community. Which is accomplished by living with family or community. Now let's talk about dinner, after sunset the digestion capacity of the body decreases and becomes very slow. And that is why it is recommended that we should have our dinner immediately after sunset, that we should have our dinner immediately after sunset, around 8 to 8.30 pm. Because if we eat food too late after sunset, it takes a lot of time to digest. And it is also said that there should be a gap of at least two hours between our meal time and our sleep time due to which the secretion of mucus inside our body is controlled


                                                          Friends, sleeping immediately after eating food can cause obesity. Friends, sleeping immediately after eating food can cause obesity and by doing so one feels heaviness in the body. And the thought process of the brain also becomes slow and more health problems are arising because of that now you might have thought that our daily routine is over now you might have thought that our daily routine is over but no. Because this is where the routine ends and ahead is the night in which we humans sleep. Friends, if you observe nature, you will find that there are very few species of animals that remain awake at night, especially for hunting like owls, but most of the species sleep at night. Or rest, humans also come in the same majority. Humans also come in the same majority. It is clear from this that staying awake at night is not good for health. It is clear from this that staying awake at night is not good for health. The shape and size of the bed for sleeping has also been mentioned in Ayurveda. So that the height of the bed should not exceed the height of the person's knees. Now the question comes that for how long should we sleep? So for Kapha type person whose body mass gains quickly, they should sleep less so that the increased body weight remains on active mode for more time. People who have Pitta type of body should take moderate amount of sleep. People who have Pitta type of body should take moderate amount of sleep about 7-8 hours and people whose body type belongs to Vata category should take 8 hours of sleep. They need to sleep more than that because their sleeping pattern has been disturbed. It becomes a bit difficult to do this in real life, because this way of sleeping is counterproductive for people depending on their body type. Because this way of sleeping is reverse for people according to their body type. 

                                                               This was a normal routine 24 hour cycle as per Ayurveda Now I know that our time has changed a lot and most of us would find it hard to follow this routine. And most of us will find it difficult to follow this routine. But the purpose behind making this video is that you and I will tell that this same routine was followed in ancient India. Even then people used to go to Gurukul for education just like today students go to school and college, even at that time people used to go out of home to work like you and I go to office to work like you and I go to office to work. They also used to do business at that time like we do business today but people of that time were conscious about good health and taking health into consideration and understanding human body mechanics, they used to follow this


                                Ayurvedic daily routine friends today western The world is following the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that originated from our country and is progressing day by day and most of us Indians are still here deprived of this knowledge and wisdom. And we are unaware about our country's scientific knowledge day by day. Time has come that in this new year you should take a resolution to improve your health.

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