4 Rules for Staying Healthy Rules healthy through life

Let's know about 4 Rules for Staying Healthy Rules  healthy through life

While doing yogasana, asana, pranayama etc. it is very beneficial. So I want to tell you four little rules for your life and follow these four rules. I humbly but confidently tell you that whoever follows these four rules, sickness and disease will never befall him in life. It will be great if you also follow this. I also live my life. I have been doing Yoga Pranayama for the past fifteen years. I have made some rules for that. I follow that rule and I want to tell you the same rule. I do, millions of our yoga teachers do it, and following these rules has benefited us so much that we never get sick. Every time I have checked my BP for fifteen years, sugar is normal. I have never had a cold in the last fifteen years. Didn't even have a sore throat, never visited a hospital. Never went to adoctor because there was no need and there was no need because we are healthy, this is healthy, to stay healthy and healthy I want to share with you some information about Ayurveda. Ayurveda says that any person should be healthy, disease free, then take care of three things in his life, he should maintain balance of all three things, vata, pitta and kapha.

4 Rules for Staying Healthy Rules healthy through life

                                    There are three types of doshas in our body, vata, pitta, kapha, these three doshas. You must have heard of body based. When Vata becomes very bad, more than eighty diseases occur. When Pitta is very bad, about forty-six to fifty diseases occur, and when Kapha is bad, twenty-eight diseases occur, and when Vata, Pitta and Kapha are all three bad, there are forty-one diseases. From colds to coughs and the terminal illness considered to be cancer, all vata is a game of spoiling pitta kapha. So you know the names of some of the great people in Ayurveda medicine in this country like Charak Rishi like Sage Sushruta became Vagbhata, Sage Vagbhata wrote a book it is called Ashtangahridayam and wrote a book it is called Ashtanga Sangamam. Books, they have given seven thousand rules. Let me tell you four of them.

4 Rules for Staying Healthy Rules healthy through life

                                         If you like it then follow it from today and tell others too so that if anyone follows these rules they will not get sick. These four rules are for balancing vata, pitta and kapha. Now, if the balance of the three substances Vata, Pitta, Kapha is achieved, then the first rule for this is that one should not drink water immediately after eating food. This is the first rule. If you say that drinking water after eating food is a very difficult thing, we all do not eat food without drinking water. Many people drink more water than they eat. Eat less food, drink more water.

  As Maharishi Vagbhatta says, never drink water after eating this food. If water is drunk at the end of a meal, the bowels, strange twist, is like drinking poison. That's why they say don't drink water immediately after eating. Now you ask me why don't you drink? Give me the reason why, in simple terms. When we eat food, not all the food accumulates in the stomach, there is a space in the stomach, we call it gastric, in English it is called epigastrium, in Hindi some people call it that. That stomach. This stomach is a small place. You don't have a belly button. To its left is a small space on the same side. All your food comes here. 

Whatever you eat, roti, rice, lentils, vegetables, milk, curd, everything comes in the stomach. Now as soon as food accumulates in the house, you are told that fire burns in it and mixes with fire in the stomach. Jatharagni eats food just like you, the fire burns in the stomach, that fire protects the food, and as the cooking fire cooks the food, the fire protects the food. You make a fire in your kitchen, pour milk on it, add rice to the milk. As long as the fire is burning, the pudding will continue to be made, you light the fire in the house, pour water on it, pour it.

                                    The process of cooking the lentils will continue until the fire goes out. The same happens in the stomach. As you ate. A fire burns in the stomach and as long as the fire burns, the process of food digestion continues. Just as food is cooked in the kitchen, food is also cooked in the stomach. This is what we call digestion. In English it is called digestion, so you ate food. Stomach burned. Now she will digest the food. Now that you have eaten, answer me one question. Stomach is on fire and she is digesting food. Immediately you drank gad gad gad gad water and drank a lot of cold water. I drank water mixed with ice, I drank water from the fridge. what is going to happen Will the fire burn or go out? If water is poured on fire, fire and water are not friendly, they are enmity. 

                                    Water extinguishes fire. so did you eat Fire was lit, water was drunk from behind. Now the fire is stilled, now the food will not be digested, otherwise the stomach will rot and the rotten food will produce more than a hundred poisons and those hundred poisons will make your life hell and you will be sick for the rest of your life. . You know a lot of people say that I have a lot of gas in my stomach. Those whose food is not digested produce this gas. Some people say I have heartburn. People whose food is not digested have this irritation. Some say that the seed in my stomach is completely destroyed, it is swollen.

                             These are all symptoms when food is not digested, food is not digested otherwise it rots, produces poison and that poison makes you sick. That is why Maharishi Vagbhata said do not drink water while eating food. Understood, how many days will you not drink? Drink water at least hourly, hourly you say? It is a process of burning fire, it lasts only one hour in the stomach. After that the fire is automatically extinguished.

4 Rules for Staying Healthy Rules healthy through life

                                                     Then drink water, eat food at ten, drink water at eleven, eat at eleven, drink at twelve, eat at twelve, drink at one. Watch, drink water after one hour. Now you may be wondering whether you should drink before eating. Yes, drink forty minutes before, drink full of water. Dinner at ten o'clock. Drink plenty of water twenty minutes after nine o'clock. Lunch is to be had at eleven o'clock. Drink plenty of water after ten to twenty minutes. Forty minutes before you can ask one more question is fine. If you don't drink water after eating, can you drink anything other than water, so Wagbhat ji says if you want to drink immediately after eating, drink curd lassi.

                                                If you want to drink immediately after eating buttermilk, drink fruit juice, drink sugarcane juice, drink orange juice, drink musami juice, drink pomegranate juice. Now you say that all these expensive things say, sugarcane juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice is money, otherwise it is the cheapest, drink lemon juice, make shikanji and drink it, after eating food is the cheapest. Either drink curd lassi or drink juice and the third thing is if you want to drink milk then drink it immediately after eating, then drink curd lassi, buttermilk immediately after eating, then drink any fruit juice immediately after eating, then keep water away for an hour. . Later and if you remember once, it is good that we eat in the morning, which we call breakfast. It is better to drink fruit juice in breakfast. If you eat lunch, it is better to drink lassi and matha and if you eat dinner, it is better to drink milk.

                                         Those who follow this rule can never get eighty diseases in their life. Vata Pitta Kapha, all three are balanced by a small rule. So this is the first rule that I told you, the second rule is the second and that rule is never drink water. Drink hot tea, drink hot coffee, drink hot milk. Make it a habit to drink this water after every sip. Once he put the glass in his mouth, the throat emptied it. This method is a mess, one suffocating water, two sucking water, as much at the same time, so you say what is the matter? The case is that when we drink choking water, the saliva from the mouth mixes with the water and goes into the stomach, and it's the saliva from the mouth, it's alkaline, and the stomach always has acid, so drink it. 

                                                Suffocating water, mouth saliva. The two groups that went in with this got drunk more. If the saliva is repeatedly reabsorbed, the fatty material will mix with the stomach acid. Acid is produced in the stomach. If there is only saliva in the mouth, if this syrup is mixed with acid and How do you like this article by commenting? If you have any questions related to health & ayurvedic, you can ask me, I will help you completely.mixed well in the stomach, a person never gets acid in the stomach, does not get acid. There is acidity in the stomach, then in the blood. will not And those who do not have Amla Bita in their blood, Vata Pitta Kapha imbalance never occurs in their lives. 

                                                So choke and drink water. Let me tell you a little about all my observations, that allopathic medicine and taking allopathic medicine that we are taking. Like Paracetamol, Bahral Gun, Buta Zone, Oxytocin, Buta Zone, Aspirin, Disprin, Noval Din. These are all bad drugs that were banned in countries around the world twenty years ago. Most of the drugs you take, cause a lot of damage, liver damage, intestinal ulcers, disability, paralysis, brain hemorrhage, heart attack. If you are healthy, do Yoga Pranayama. Four. Follow rules in life.

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