Workout and Diet for Beginners

Let's Know about Workout and Diet for Beginners

In the initial days, many beginners are confused about what kind of workout they should do if they want to go to the gym or what small things they should keep in mind. First of all we will talk about 5-6 points which should be kept in mind. It is important to keep. The first is to warm up now, whatever your objective. Warming up is very important. You can do cycling, treadmill or cross trainer, any exercise which increases your heart rate.

Now you have to keep in mind that you do not need to do it at a very fast pace, this is just a warmup. Do this at a moderate pace for 5 minutes and this is important to do because it improves the blood flow throughout your body and Will strengthen your muscles. Be prepared for the workout Another thing to keep in mind for a beginner is stretching, yes it is very important to do full body stretching before moving on to the main exercises which improves your range of motion and strengthens your body. Warms up to help you workout. Many people ignore stretching which you should not do, it takes 3-5 minutes to do but stretching gives you a lot of benefits. Good stretching also reduces the chances of injury. Another important thing to keep in mind is the pre workout meal Yes! It is very important to have a good pre-workout meal consisting of carbohydrates and proteins before going to the gym. Just keep in mind that whatever carbohydrate you are choosing for your body should be slow digesting and consume it at least two to two and a half hours in advance. Before your workout so that the food can be completely digested and provides fuel during exercise. 

Many people go to the gym without eating anything, so do not do this. Many people will advise not to drink water during the workout, do not repeat those mistakes. Apart from this, keep a water bottle with you and drink water sip by sip during the workout so that You will stay hydrated. And your body will function well. Last and another important thing to keep in mind is about the post workout meal. That is, in the 40 minute window immediately after the workout i.e. less than 40 minutes after the workout, you need to have a good post workout meal in which you can have fast digesting carbs and choose a good protein source. And for anyone who wants to learn in detail what to do, what not to do, what little things to keep in mind, these were some of the important points that you should keep in mind as a beginner. Many people would ask me what training pattern they should follow for their first week in the gym. so i I would suggest you a good circuit training in which you train each muscle group at a sequential pace. 

Now I will tell you what exercises you can include in the first week of circuit training. But you have to keep in mind that you have to do the same set of exercises throughout the week and when you move to another week you can target different parts of the body. The first exercise of circuit training that we are doing is push ups and if you cannot do pushups because you are a beginner then you can try knee push ups. The second exercise that we are doing is squats and it is a kind of Exercise that strengthens your foundation for strength training The third exercise that we are doing is the lat pulldown and here you can see what is the correct way to do this workout. You should also make sure that you have good technique and rhythm while exercising. In the next exercise we will train our chest and if your gym does not have this type of equipment you can replace it with a flat bench press. The fifth exercise that we will be doing is Mid Row, I would recommend you to choose appropriate weight so that you can target your muscles. Next we are doing dumbbell presses here with which we will train our shoulder muscles. 

You just have to keep in mind that while doing this exercise, your back should be supported and the exercise should be done at full speed. The seventh exercise that we are doing is dumbbell curls, just keep in mind not to move your elbows too much and whenever you lift the dumbbell up, squeeze your muscles properly and slowly lower it. The eighth exercise that we are doing is What we are doing here is rope triceps pushdown using ropes and if you are not able to do this exercise using ropes, you can also use the straight bar, as I told you, in circuit training we Every muscle is going to be trained a little bit, so the ninth exercise that we are doing is for our calf muscles and here you can see the right way to do the exercise. The last exercise that we are doing here is for the abs muscles in which we are raising one leg but as you progress and become familiar with the exercises you can do the same exercise with both legs. 

This is our workout. And now the problem with beginners is that when they initially start working out they experience more muscle pain than usual because their muscles are not used to it. So do not panic at all in this situation and my advice is that you continue your workout continuously. And if you want to reduce the pain in your muscles, then you should adopt three easy methods, first of all, take bath with cold water after workout, which will benefit you a lot. Second, increase your protein intake along with workouts, which will help your muscles recover faster and reduce your soreness. Third and the most important here is sleep, so you should get at least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep, which improves the production of growth hormone. And the reason why it helps in your recovery.

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